Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jackpot's First Shoeing

Big day yesterday
Jackpot got his first set of shoes

Now before everyone gets all up in arms
wondering why we are shoeing a mustang
 let me explain

Yes, he needs shoes
If you've ridden Arizona at all
you know it's real rocky in this area

If you haven't ridden this area
come on down
we'll show you what we mean

If you expect to ride many miles
or gather cattle
your horse better be shod
mustang feet or not

Buddy's been doing these things lately
and Jackpot needs 
to come in and do his first set to shoes

"Are you ready, Jackpot?"

Meet Buddy's brother Wade
The Fearless Farrier

Slow and easy gets it done

Looks like Buddy did the ground work 

Farriers DO appreciate that

Jackpot was very well behaved

Hmm, hard feet?

Hoof stand?
No problem

Nailing that first one on

with a few distractions....

Look - monkey children

Nothing bothers Jackpot

The back end - no problem

He even enjoys and uses the Hoofjack stand

If you're a farrier of any sort
and you don't have one of these stands
stop right now
go. get. one.

Almost done...

The finished product

A job well done

A family portrait
Brothers Buddy and Wade
Mom Zona
kids Jet and Mercy
and Jackpot!

Let's not forget Jackpot's favorite
"That lady with the grain"

Did y'all catch the July Bridle and Bit article?


Did you see this in the August Western Horseman?
Wickenburg residents Jeff Alder, Carson Thomas,
Beaver Bird, and Russ and Mary Dolven
on page 114 in an article about Wickenburg

If you see them around town
get an autograph!!


Carroll Farm said...

so awesome. way to go Buddy! Thanks for the pics Mikey. Love the family shot. :)
Looks like Jackpot is in good hands with Buddy.

Mrs Mom said...

MIKEEEYYYYY!!! Damn good to see you girl ;)

Cant tell those two are brothers... naaaahhh. They look NOTHING alike there.

Jackpot is a fine looking mustang there. I will have to mark this page, (dont know how the heck I missed it... must have been a brown out going on) and follow along!

Oh- love the Monkey Children too. I have three of those right AND we still have Jane Doe Puppy. She says she O-W-N-S us.

And Hoofjack... were I to keep trimming, I. Would. Have. One. But things dont look that rosy for my old bod. Trimming is pretty much out of the picture for me any longer. Time to make money with my brain instead of my back maybe?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Way to go guys! Jackpot looks great.

Monkey children-ROFLOL. Too funny.

debby said...

Had to snort at the strange monkey creature children! I remember when they ran wild here, too. Now they seem to have become extinct!

Good job with the Jackpot! I love how calm he is.

Nice pictures.

kdwhorses said...

Yeah way to go Jackpot! Stood there like a old pro!

Brothers-NAH! never!

Loved the pics!

Glad to see Mercy and Wade! Miss you guys!!!

Will have to check out the WH article! We havent' got August's yet.

Keep up the great work everyone!

Monkey children~ROTFL!!! I have one of those too!

Heidi said...

MRS. MOM!!! What are you doing here??? LOL I was going to say what Mrs. M said - they dont looking NOTHING alike!! LOL!!
AND Mercy looks like she has growna foot!!
Buddy must be AWSOME with them horses. I would LOVE to come and see how he works with them.

Heidi In Wisconsin....

p.s. I started a blog Mikey - PLEASE come and visit me

Eric Clayton said...

Very nice family portrait! :)