Thursday, August 28, 2008


So what should we do today?

Learn to bow

Stand up tall

Rope tricks

Not much longer
till the big day
September 18th!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Working the course

All photos courtesy of

A walk-thru is always in order
Practice on the ground first
and then in the saddle

Backing the L

Both ways...

A nice jump

They're lookin good!!!

Ready for Texas

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update! Finally...

Sorry it's been so long to update

As the finals draw closer
you'll see less of what's really going on
because I am sworn to secrecy as to
what their Freestyle will be about
and that's what they're working on

We aren't spilling it on this blog

If you want a sneak preview
show up at the Benefit Auction
Sept. 6th 
Gates open at 4 pm
Demonstration at 4:30 pm
Auction at 6 pm
Wickenburg Rodeo Grounds

That's the only time Buddy will show 
the general public a preview of his freestyle finale

But here's some pics from the 9th
Thanks to Mike Thomas for taking them

Working the gate while ponying Big Al

Jackpot is having a fabulous time with this

Big Al belongs to this lady here
Nancy Rae Lee
who blogs about him here
Sending Big Al around

while Jackpot waits patiently


Nancy and Big Al successfully
negotiate the gate

Off they go!

Jackpot has turned into a really nice horse
capable and willing to do anything

More updates to come
but remember
we're not giving any secrets away