Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Results are in!!

Buddy and Jackpot did very well in the riding portion, but because of the in-hand score, it did not put them in the Top 10. They placed 14th overall. 

Not bad!!

Auction tomorrow, and there is lots of interest in Jackpot. 

Videos to come next week of their performances.


Nancy said...

Hey, Mikey, thanks again for keeping us posted. I've been wishing that the Makeover folks posted results on their website. It's gonna be great to see the video of Buddy and Jackpot!


brenda said...

Hey Buddy and Kim! we are so proud of you! Even though you did not place in the categories selected, you placed in our hearts as #1.
Your cowboy,cowgirl spirits motivate me every day. I belieive in you and truly think of you as Wickenberg's own Horse Whisperer!

Anonymous said...

Horse Whisperer? What the hell is that!? Never heard Ray or Buck speak highly of such a misnomer. Or is B.U. Thee Highly Exalted One....
Yep, right up there with ol' Pat Parnelle Oh, not to forget the original Monty Bobbits.
Puh-Lease people!!!!
Get real.